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Cayes of Belize Postage Stamps : 1984-1985
A price list (1984-1985) of Cayes of Belize postage stamps including souvenir (miniature) sheets and booklets.

 All listed items are mint, never hinged (unmounted).

  Scott #'s are from the 2017 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue with updating from Linn's Stamp News.
  S.G. #'s are not listed because Stanley Gibbons does not list issues except as an appendix list.

  Dashes ( --- ) are used instead of a catalog number if the item is not listed in the Scott or S.G. catalog.  Catalog numbers in brackets "( )" indicate a variety of that stamp number.  A blank space indicates that the catalog number is not yet assigned.

  Part sets and singles are offered due to different criteria used by the catalog editors for listing a set. This occurs frequently when issues are released over a period of months or years (e.g. definitive sets) and the catalog combines the parts into one set.

  Prices quoted are our selling prices subject to stock availability. Items without a price are not in stock frequently or are scarce/rare.

  To check the current "LIVE" inventory use our ONLINE CATALOG & SHOPPING CART which is updated as items are added or sold.

Price List & Inventory Updated
October 11, 2016

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Scott #         SG #              Year  Description                                            Price  
1-9              ---              1984  Defs - 1c-5.00 (9v)                                    14.45  
10-13            ---              1984  Lloyd's List                                            2.55  
14-17            ---              1984  Los Angeles Olympic Games                               3.05  
18-21            ---              1984  Stamp Anniversary                                       2.75  
22-25            ---              1985  J.Audubon/Birds                                         4.20  
26               ---              1985  Shipwrecks (s/4v+lab)                                   4.35  
27               ---              1985  Shipwrecks/"Comet" 1822  (ss)                           4.55  
                                        --- BOOKLETS ---                                          
                                  1984  Bklt - $10.00 Stamps & Story of the Cayes              19.75  

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Prices are in U.S. dollars.      Subject to stock.